benefits of dental sealants

Daily brushing and flossing and regular dentist visits are important to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. But even people who take care of their teeth really well can get cavities and other tooth problems. For such people, dental sealants may be the best option.

Dental sealants are more famous among children and teenagers because they tend to develop decay more easily in the depression and grooves of the molars and premolars. But they are also adaptable and effective for an adult without any cavity.

The sealant is simply a protective coating that is applied to the surface of teeth that are prone to cavities. This coating acts as a barrier to keep the food particles and bacteria away in order to reduce the incidence of cavities.

Studies suggest that in the first of application dental sealants reduces cavities by 86% and for the next four years by 58%. Book an online doctor appointment in Bangalore with Cureplus

Here are benefits you will get from dental sealants:

·         Save time
People with cavities would understand that a filling a cavity requires a lot of time from rearranging your schedule and long hours sitting in the waiting room to dentist’s chair. As dental sealants reduce the risk of cavities so significantly that you barely spend any time dealing with oral health problems.

·         Save money
As per the old phrase “precaution is better than cure”. We all know that the cost of treating a cavity is quite expensive especially if you don’t have dental insurance. According to the survey, it is seen in almost every case that early dental sealants application will cost way less than spending huge sum later to pursue right treatment.

·         Healthier you
We all know that tooth decal not only leads to more severe oral health issues, but it can also give rise to other health problems such as heart disease. This is because sometimes the bacteria that your mouth is harboring can make its way into your bloodstream and thus increase the risk of getting a stroke or heart attack. You can improve the overall health of your teeth and gums by getting dental sealants.

·         Simple solution to dental issues
The best thing about dental sealants is that they are easy and quick in their application, without any pain or discomfort during or after the application, and most importantly they last for several years. Thus, a dental sealant is a simple solution to one of the most common and major oral health problems, and it is really helpful.


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