Tips to celebrate an Eco-friendly and safe Diwali

Diwali, the festival of light is already around the corner and people have been preparing for this festival since a month. It is a busy festival, which is celebrated with family members and friends. No other festival is celebrated with such excitement and celebratory spirit.

Along with endless happiness, joy, and fun, this festival also brings along air pollution, noise pollution, and several accidents related to firecrackers.

The very next of Diwali we face problems like air pollution levels elevated to dangerous levels, increased energy and food waste, several elderly people as well as animals suffered from anxiety attacks due to the loud noise of firecrackers, and crackers and plastic packaging waste littered the roads as well as water bodies.

The effects of toxic smokes last for several years and affect our mother earth. It is the time we think about the environment we are polluting as well as all other living beings and celebrate Diwali with minimal environmental consequence. Find the nearest pharmacy in Bangalore with Cureplus in case of an emergency. 

Given below are some ways to make sure that this year’s Diwali is a noiseless, smokeless and safe experience to everyone!

·         Go firecracker fire
As bursting firecrackers increases noise pollution as well as litters the city with waste the next day, the best way to celebrate Diwali go noiseless, which means to go firecracker-free. I am sure for most of us Diwali is another name of bursting crackers and it’s kind of hard to give up on the fun, but we have enough good reasons to ditch crackers.

The toxic smoke from firecrackers makes the air unfit for breathing and is associated with many respiratory problems. And animals and birds suffer from severe anxiety attacks due to the loud noises as well blinding flashes

·         Go eco-friendly
Switch electric diyas and candles with traditional oil diyas that are cost-effective, bio-degradable, and very beautiful. Some of the organic options for diyas include coconut shells, orange peels, wheat dough, and seashells.

·         Opt to green gifts for friends and family
Celebrating a green Diwali, nothing is better than gifting a plant to your loved ones, which include air purifying plants, kitchen herbs, Feng shi plants, bonsai, terrariums are some of the best eco-conscious gifts.

·         Biodegradable rangoli
Instead of making rangoli out of harmful artificial colors, this Diwali, go back to the olden days. In the olden days, rangoli was made with rice and pulse, which was made to feed the living creatures around us, such as small birds and ants.

·         Sweet treats from nature’s basket

Break-up with the sugar boosted sweet-boxes this Diwali. Exotic tea boxes, honey hampers, and whole grain baskets are some of the best and healthy gifting options. You can also make sweets at home that are healthy such as fruit Sandesh, bulgar wheat kheer, and carrot-beetroot halwa


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