signs that show you’re exhausted

When we stifle yawns at 2 p.m. in between the meetings and feels cramps and fatigue all over our bodies, we know that our bodies are asking for help and require a serious rest and time to recover back to normal functioning of the body.

We often ignore these signs thinking we are just tired, but there’s a big difference between being tired and exhausted. When it comes to body exhaustion the signs aren’t as noticeable as being just tired. One must know the difference between exhaust and tired body.

So, whenever you feel tired along with any of the symptoms given below, it simply means you’re exhausted and it’s time to let your body get some proper rest. Find the nearest diagnostic centers in Bangalore with Cureplus

Here are some signs to show you’re totally exhausted

·         Dry Lips
Your cracked lips, scaly skin, and frequent headaches could be due to dehydration, which can have a bad impact on your sleeping patterns as well as body’s normal functioning. In this condition, you need to hydrate immediately to provide your body with all the resources it needs to thrive and restore to feeling refreshed.

·         Loss of appetite
Stress affects our whole body. Stress hormones including cortisol have an essential role to play in mobilizing blood sugar, but we left with an interesting dichotomy in that corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) holds back appetites and glucocorticoids encourage appetite. So, people who eat less tend to produce the more corticotrophin-releasing hormone.

·         Poor sleep
Experts say that if your body is lacking sleep, it can take a toll on your body and over time it can cause fatigue and muscle aches. Proper sleep is important for your body to recover, reset, and rebuild, and in the absence of sufficient sleep, you feel depleted, sluggish, and weak.

·         Body cramps
If you are dealing with frequent headaches, joint pain, cramping, and muscle fatigue, it could be a warning that your body is exhausted and crying out for serious rest to recover and become less inflamed. Omega-3 fatty acids have shown positive results in reducing the discomfort and inflammation related to cramps and body fatigue.

·         Workouts are harder
Feeling of pain or soreness during workouts could mean that your body is tired. Muscle soreness can potentially decrease your body movements in many exercises. The best way to recover from muscle soreness is through light cardio or having a rest day or yoga.

·         Super stressed
It’s not a surprise if you lack sleep when you are chronically moody or depressed. This would simply a sign to make you aware that you are overworked and need a break. 


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