oversleeping: Is too much sleeping health hazardous?

It is true that a good sleep is essential for human health. Because during this time our bodies restore itself, studies suggest that not only too little sleep but also too much sleep (oversleeping) can be dangerous for the body. Oversleeping is an alarm that you are putting your body under certain health risks including heart disease, diabetes, and elevated risk of death. Find doctor nearby as per your need in Bangalore with http://cure.plus/

Here are some of the health risks of oversleeping:

1.      Difficulty in getting pregnant: As per the research, sleep can affect menstrual cycles, hormone secretion, and circadian rhythms. But they haven’t found out a direct interlink between infertility and sleep.

2.      Risk of diabetes: Studies suggest that a person who sleeps for more than eight hours in a day is more risk-prone to suffer from reduced glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes. People who usually sleep for more than 7-8 hours are more likely to suffer from the diabetes-related problem, even though their body mass is under control.

3.    Mental health and depression: Depression is a major cause of oversleeping. Although people having depression tend to suffer from insomnia, nearly 15 percent people with depression tend to oversleep. As compared to normal sleepers, the ones who sleep too much tend to have anxiety symptoms and persistent depression. A study suggested that oversleeping can increase the chances of genetic heritability and mental illness.

4.      Increased inflammation: Too much sleeping can increase the chances of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, the Alzheimer’s disease etc.

5.      More pain: Whereas good sleep and rest are usually associated with healing, on the other end oversleeping can intensify pain or other symptoms. Spending too much time in bed can exaggerate shoulder and back pain. Oversleeping is also linked with other problems including a higher frequency of headaches, one-sided migraine, and increases the level of stress in a person. 


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