how banana is a healthier option than apple!


The easily available banana has a great nutritional value. Once you get to know how much good it can do to your body, you would definitely add this humble fruit to your regular diet. This fruit provides you protection from innumerable diseases, keeps your heart and hair healthy as well as combats chronic diseases.

Given below are some reasons to include banana in your regular diet:

1.      Loaded with iron, banana is best for anemic people. Now you can easily find blood donors in Bangalore with Cureplus
2.      High in potassium and low in salt makes it perfect to be your protective shield against heart attack, blood pressure, and stroke.
3.      Bananas are the rich source of calcium that makes them an excellent for your bones and aid in increasing bone density.
4.      It also acts as a mood enhancer and relieves PMS symptoms as well as reduces the stress levels.
5.      Presence of higher levels of tryptophan makes banana an efficient fruit to beat depression.
6.      Bananas are the best energy booster and maintain your blood sugar as well as protect against post workouts muscle cramps, for people who exercise.
7.      Bananas produce white blood cells and improve immunity as well makes the nervous system strong due to the presence of high levels of vitamin B6.
8.      If you give up your junk foods on bananas, you might be able to lose some inches.
9.      Extremely stomach-friendly, banana soothes your digestive tract to restore lost electrolytes after diarrhea as well as aids in relieving constipation due to high fiber content.
10.  Loaded with pectin, bananas help digestion and gently wash away toxins and heavy metals from the body.
11.  Banana also helps in bringing down the body temperature during fever.
12.  Bananas make your memory sharp. The high levels of potassium help your memory.

13.  Speedy recovery from the effects of smoking withdrawal due to the presence of high levels of B-vitamins as well as magnesium and potassium. 


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