best fat burning juice recipes

Juicing can reduce the waist size at a faster pace if done properly, along with boosting you so much energy that you will feel like nuclear powered. Consuming fresh vegetable juices is also the best way to boost up on various vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, all of them help in enhancing your metabolism and in return you are burning more calories.

Make sure you seek your dietician’s advice before opting for a liquid diet such as vegetable and fruit juice. Get in touch with the best doctors in Bangalore for weight management and nutrition intake plan to make the first move towards health.

Have a look at some of the vegetable juice recipes given below:

1.      Fat burn juice recipe for beginners

·         1 piece of peeled, pink grapefruit
·         Oranges
·         Mint
·         Lettuce
Blend all the above give ingredients to make a mixed juice, sieve it in the glass, sip and enjoy the healthiest drink.

2.      Spicy green juice to boost metabolism
·         I inch turmeric root
·         2 ribs celery
·         1 inch ginger root
·         1 cucumber
·         1 lemon
·         Pinch of freshly ground black pepper
All the ingredients in this juice are delicious as well as low in calories. This is not a green juice for beginners but for the one who is trying to shed some pounds.

3.      Super slim down  juice recipe
·         Pineapple
·         Cucumber
·         Apple
·         Wheatgrass
·         Lime
Make a glass full of this delicious green juice before going out to eat not sp health-friendly with friends. The presence of pineapple as well as wheatgrass pace up your metabolism and boost digestion.

4.      Vitamin C fat burning juice
·         1 cucumber
·         3 kale leaves
·         2 oranges
·         ½ head of broccoli
·         1 pear
The consumption of this vitamin C rich and delicious orange juice with the perfect blend of green promote more fat burn during the workout.


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