weight loss with insulin resistance

Weight loss in women after 40 is difficult to understand because after a certain age the internal function of our bodies is linked to each other. When there occur hormonal changes in one set, it alters other functions associated with that system.

Weight problems aren’t just about overeating or non-active life, but they are also closely related to metabolic changes such as insulin resistance.

It is very essential to maintain a healthy weight, as obesity leads to health problems including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and even cancer. Find the best diagnostic centers in Bangalore with http://cure.plus/ for an early detection of any health problem. 

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is a condition when your body fails to convert the food into energy to fuel your cells. People having metabolism dysfunction find troubles regulating their blood sugar, which usually result from insulin resistance or diabetes. In both the cases, the bodies fail to pull glucose into the cells that cause excess levels of glucose in the blood. With no way to exit, the body converts this extra glucose build up into fat and stores it for later.

Insulin resistance & weight

Studies suggest that obesity can lead to insulin resistance. The most dangerous fat buildup is around the waistline because belly fat produces hormones and other chemicals that can make a pathway for several health diseases such as chronic inflammation in the body.

How to shed extra pounds with insulin resistance  

In order to avoid further complications or to control diabetes weight loss is a major step to start with. Given below are tips that will help you lose some fats.

·         Eat frequent and small meals to keep your blood sugar levels more constant. Starving for long hours will cause fat storing in your body because of slow metabolism.
·         Include more of carbohydrate. Your carbohydrate to protein ratio should be 2:1, which means with every 1 gram of protein you need to eat 2 grams of carbohydrates.
·         Depend more on lean sources of protein such as dairy foods, lean meat, fish or poultry, legumes, or nuts, and seeds.
·         Try to include at least three servings of vegetables in your daily diet, except potato and corn, because they are high-carbohydrate sources.

·         Make sure you do at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity such as jogging, walking, and running. Also, 20 minutes of weights including pushups, pulling, pull downs or lifting the muscles three days in every week. 


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