10 poisonous foods we might crave on

Different people crave on different types food regardless of it being cheap or expensive as long as we love to eat it. Besides, food is an essential part of our lives to build our mind as well as body but we should also be keen to take precautions before you pick any food. The reason is that there are some deadly foods present in our kitchen or maybe plate, which can turn lethal to human health.
This article would make you aware of some poisonous foods that might love to eat. Find the nearest diagnostic centers in Bangalore with Cureplus.

1.      Mushrooms
Also termed as ‘world saviors’, mushrooms could potentially clean up anything starting from oil spills to nuclear meltdowns. They are nutritious but not all types of mushroom are produced same way. Although cremini mushrooms make the best pasta toppers, some species have poisons that can turn fatal.

2.      Tomatoes

The juicy, red fruit is commonly found in every kitchen and is widely used in a number of dishes. This fruit contains a deadly substance, glycoalkaloid, in its leaves, which results in upset stomachs, anxiety and severe cramping. So, clean off the leaves and stems.

3.       Peanuts
One of the most common allergies results from peanuts. Sometimes, the response to allergy can be really severe, anaphylaxis, which can cause constriction of the airways, loss of consciousness and even shock. If left untreated, it can also cause a death of the person.

4.      Potatoes

Food is incomplete without potatoes, for many of the communities, it is their staple food. It has both poisonous leaves as well as stems, but still, potato poisoning is not very common. Most of the deaths caused by potatoes occur because of eating green potatoes or drinking potato-leaf tea.

5.      Fruit seeds

Seeds of certain fruits such as apples, cherry pits contain a type of hydrogen cyanide called prussic acid. Refrain from eating the cup of peach, or ground pits and apricot pits.

6.      Almonds
There are two types of almonds, sweet almonds, and bitter almonds. The bitter ones are likely to contain hydrogen cyanide in quite large amounts. Even the consumption of just 7-10 raw bitter almonds can create problems for adults and can turn lethal for children.
  1. Cashew nuts
The raw cashew nuts that buy from the supermarket are actually not raw, they have been undergone the process of steaming to remove the urushiol, a deadly chemical also present in poison ivy.  The larger amounts of urushiol can likely prove fatal.

8.      Nutmeg
One of the commonly found spices especially in an Indian kitchen, nutmeg is actually a hallucinogenic. Studies suggest that consuming just 0.2 oz of nutmeg could result in convulsions, and 0.3 oz can cause seizures. Eating one whole nut will probably cause a type of “nutmeg psychosis”.

9.      Tuna
This fish is widely liked as well eaten by people. The danger in tuna is the presence of mercury that the fish accumulate by absorbing it from the water. Once mercury enters your body, it will either pass through your kidneys or travel to your brain and probably drive you insane.

10.  Kidney beans
There are many people across the world who uses kidney beans as a part of their staple food. They are being used in various recipes. The kidney beans have a toxin called “Phytohaemagglutinin” which can lead to nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and in extreme cases, can even cause death.


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