How to ward off mosquitoes this monsoon

Monsoons have set in and so the mosquitoes, though the bite is small the threats from these winged creatures are big which spread malaria and dengue. These diseases are deteriorating to human health.

Although you can enjoy the affordable healthcare services in Bangalore, this place has witnessed swarming of mosquitoes more often, as the city experiences rain almost throughout the year. Hence stagnant rain water often leads to breeding of mosquitoes which spread harmful diseases such as dengue and malaria.   

Here are few ways to keep you away from mosquitoes reach.
  • Keeping a tulsi plant near your window or door will put off mosquitoes breeding and also keep them at bay.
  • Neem oil is a natural insect and flies repellent. Mix neem oil with equal quantity of coconut oil to restrict mosquitos’ entry for eight hours.
  • Lighting camphor for nearly twenty minutes in a closed room is another way to keep the mosquitoes at a distance.
  • Usage of vaporizer having tea tree oil will drive away mosquitoes.
  • Garlic is also useful in keeping the mosquitoes out of your room or house. Boil garlic and spray the water in your house or room to ward off the mosquitoes.
  • Besides, having great smell lavender also keeps away mosquitoes. Apply few drops of this oil mixed with a cream on your body.


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