Onion is a magical ingredient of kitchen

The teary onion is very common thing available in every kitchen, but its medical powers make it an important plant in curing many health issues. Anyone who has dropped tears while cutting the onion will understand that onion juices contain something special. Apart from its medicinal properties, the onion helps in enhancing the taste of the curries with its delicious taste.

Onion is the base of numbers of dishes- even raw, baked, boiled, sautéed or boiled, it would be next to impossible to imagine the cuisine all over the world without it. Find the nearest diagnostic centers in Bangalore with Cureplus
Magical health benefits of onions:
  • Gives healthy skin: Biotin which is present in the onion is important in keeping healthy skin. It is used in treating problems such as hair loss, brittle nails and alongside maintains skin health.

  • Prevent cancer: Quercetin sounds more like a funny word, is a plant flavonoid that contains effective antioxidants. These anti-oxidants combat cancer-causing free radicals. Onions are the rich source of quercetin, hence a strong weapon against cancer.

  • Enhance immunity: Onions are loaded with vitamin C and phytochemicals help in increasing the effectiveness of vitamin C in the body, which means healthier as well as more effective immune system.

  • Releases stress: Quercetin not only prevents cancer but also protect you against stress. Next time when you face a stressful deadline at work, take a few raw onions to munch on!

  • Prevents diabetes: A single serving of onions have 27% of your biotin DRI. Biotin has many positive health benefits on your body; one among them is fighting systems related to type 2 diabetes.

  • Digestion: Onions are rich in fiber, which is much needed in maintaining a healthy and happy digestive system. Fiber aids in breaking down food to keep moving.

  • Brings Down cholesterol level: Consumption of raw onion promotes the production of HDL which is called as good cholesterol to stay healthy.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Onions contain anti-inflammatory properties which aid those who are suffering from arthritis and joint pain.

  • Lower blood pressure: Onions are the best cure for people who have high blood pressure problem because the sulfur in onions naturally thins the blood and prevents blood platelets from accumulation. Hence, prevent the risk of heart attack or stroke.


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