Has your child been bullied at school?

Starting from youngest children at kindergarten to adults at college, office, or anywhere has once been bullied in their life. The trend of bullying at schools as well as college, becoming very popular. At times, bullies at school leave a very severe impact on child’s mind which may affect the child in the latter life. Find the nearest diagnostic centers in Bangalore with Cureplus. 

Being parents it is your sole responsibility to prevent and respond to the latest trend of bullying to protect your child. Your child’s mood, behavior, and the way they talk about school may give you signs to find out if your child is being bullied.

Below are some warning signs to look for:

· Being scared or nervous about getting in the school.
· Makes excuses to stay home such as frequent complaining about being sick.
· Search for a different way to get to school — taking a different way or do not want to take the school bus and ask you to drop them.
· Skip school
· Complaining you that they lost books, lunch money, clothing, etc.
· Cuts on their bodies that they refuse to explain or makes up a story such as they fell down.
· Reports from class teachers that your child is not going out in the break time.
· Talk about suicide.

Following are the tips for parents to eliminate and deal with bullying of your young children.

1. Talk to your kids every day

As per the research, adults are usually the last to know about when their children were bullied or bullied others. every day spend a few minutes with your child asking about how was their day, with whom they spend time at school and in the neighborhood, who they eat lunch with, what they do during break time as well as time gap between the classes., what happens in the class, school bus, or on the way.

2. Be a good role model your child

Most of the things a child learns are from their parents only, so set a good example of kindness and strong leadership in front of your child. A Child learns a lot about the power of relationships just by observing you. When you talk rudely with a salesman, a waiter, another person driving on the road, or even at your home, you have best opportunity to be a good model of effective communication techniques.

3. Spend time with your child at school and recess

Studies show that 67% of bullying takes place in the absence of adults which means definitely after the teacher. Volunteer yourself once in a week or a month to reduce or prevent bullying in the school just by being available and help in organizing activities and games that motivate kids to be nice as well as play with new friends. As schools cannot do all by themselves and need the support of parents to eliminate bullying.

4. Always welcome your child’s friend at home

You may also invite their entire family at dinner or another event so that you can know the parents of your child’s friend. If you suspect anything unusual about your child’s friend, you have to help your child to see that this friend is not a true friend.

5. Create a disciplinary atmosphere at home

Sometimes bullying also happens by a sibling. This is your responsibility to create a disciplinary atmosphere at home and also make bullying unacceptable in your home.

6. Stay updated with the latest lingo

Get to know your children more, and also keep updated with the latest lingo including texting, verbal and online slag. This may help you to know if your child is hiding anything that can cause depression, lack of confidence, or even suicide.


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