Can smoking cause weight loss?

Yes, weight loss is one of the most common reasons, which leads people to start smoking. Nowadays people try different things to burn their extra calories such as taking weight loss pills, fad diets, and even smoking to shed off their extra mass but are they opting healthy way to slim down? Are they doing justice to their other organs of the body? Find doctor in Bangalore according to your requirement with Cureplus

Studies suggest that nicotine present in the cigarettes can improve metabolism and gives a break open of energy. A smoker takes in carbon dioxide and takes away oxygen from red blood cells which result in reduced absorption of nutrients from the food. This leads the body to use more energy than usual to supply oxygen and make you feel tired.

The tar released during smoking sticks to the inner walls of the airways and makes breathing process difficult when you smoke. But do you think this insignificant boost to metabolism could help in losing weight and that too at the cost of your life? However, all that written about smoking, do you know anyone in person who really lost weight with smoking?

All you know that there are smokers either thin or fat but never witnessed the actual transformation of a person from blob to drop because of smoking.

Smoking actually kills your hunger, smokers know this fact very well that when they carve for food or hungry, for a time being smoke can put off the hunger. People do this to get rid of their hunger pangs but smoking can be substituted with a cup of green tea which is a healthier way.
There are several other options to enhance your metabolism than relying on cigarettes which contain harmful nicotine. Regular exercise as well as eating meals on time can also improve your metabolism.

Drink lots of hot water to boost metabolism and regulate weight loss. But in the long run, smoking comes with many harmful effects on your body such as dehydration which results in loss of water and reduced metabolism.


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