6 reasons of not losing weight regardless of exercise and diet


There is nothing more annoying than that despite strict workout and diet schedule; you are not able to see any fruitful result. It can make you more depressed and to withdraw from your workout routine.

Doing everything as per the schedule such as eating the right foods, following all the best advice and working out often, but you haven’t shed even little mass on your body. Now it's very easy to find doctors in Bangalore as per your requirement with Cureplus

If you’re struggling to edge towards being a healthy person and not shedding even an inch of the mass, here are 8 reasons you must know:

1.      Higher levels of stress

Stress plays a major role in weight gain process as stress put the hormones under havoc. When the stress level rises, the body starts to combat its effect and release chemicals to put it down. Whereas adrenaline has a tendency to kill hunger, just after it follows cortisol which makes you feel the hungry and regular feeling of emptiness.

2.      You’re not eating the right food

Sudden weight loss with a crash diet is never a wise decision because once you’re done with your diet, you return to your normal routine and this time the weight gain will be double than before. A healthy diet has to be well-planned, including all the necessary nutrients. The best way is to consult a nutritionist because every individual has a different diet and eating habits.

3.      You’re lacking sleep

Lack of sleep is still a mystery contributor in gaining weight as not many of us are aware of this fact that not having enough sleep can result in abnormal functioning of the body.  When you do not have proper sleep your body starts depending on caffeine and other comfort foods to stay awake. Lack of sleep disturbs your metabolism which means the food you are eating is not getting digested properly or the metabolism rate slows down and results in the further addition of fat in the body.

4.      Physical illness

Physical conditions such as PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, Cushing syndrome, etc can often silently contribute to weight gain. Sometimes, even psychological problems like depression can result in weight gain. The body’s metabolism rate is severely affected by physical illness, whereas in psychological conditions, the weight gain happens because of mental inability to cope with the situation.

5.      Maybe you’re shedding without realizing it

It’s common for the scale not to come down in the initial few days of workouts and diet. This definitely does not mean that you’re not shedding extra fat. The weight loss directly depends on the kind of food you are feeding on and hormones also play a major role. If your clothes and mirror do not show any result don’t panic, just stick to your schedule and wait for few days.

6.      You’re doing the wrong exercise

Often wrong workouts can do more harm to your body than good. Always remember your exercise and diet has to be balanced out. Sometimes, you might not be working out enough as per your diet and hence not enough calories get burned. On the other end, hard workouts make you feel hungrier and you tend to off track to the diet. 


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