easy ways to keep fit when sit & work whole day

According to studies, most people sit for more than nine hours a day. A constant desk sitting makes people gain weight every second due to their poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle.
Hours of sitting at a desk not only make you feel restless and tired but it also makes them feel hungrier at the same time and they end up munching on unhealthy snacks, which results in weight gain. Find doctor nearby in Bangalore with Cureplus

Listed, below are the important steps by which one can keep himself fit:

·        Avoid skipping breakfast: Skipping breakfast won’t help in reducing weight but rather make metabolism to slow down. The urge of eating fatty foods increases by skipping breakfast.

·         Be on your feet as much as possible: Studies suggest that the more move on your feet the more active you will feel. Try to walk whenever you get time such as during lunch breaks. Choose stairs over elevators or escalators to climb up or come down. Keep a tab on the steps count and aim for 10, 000 steps a day.

·         Move around at your work: breaking-up with a sedentary lifestyle is a major step to stay fit as well as healthy. Make sure you leave your seat after every hour or so. Do not depend on attendant or anyone to grab your stuff stand-up and do self-service.

·         Keep yourself hydrated: By increasing your water intake you’re helping your body to release out the toxins through sweat and urination. Water is not only good the skin but it also promotes weight loss.

·         Munch on healthy snacks: Try opting healthy snacking habits such as apple, almond, roasted chana etc. Avoid packed and processed food, namkeens, biscuits, etc as all these add-ons to weight gain.

·         Practice desk exercises or stretches: one should always practice desk exercises while at work like stretching of arms, sides, face exercise, touch your toes, etc so that you shouldn’t feel tired and restless.

·         Get lunch along at work: People very easily can fall prey into the habit of eating outside which are high in calories and result in weight gain. So, make sure you pack your lunch for work you can opt healthy lunch such as vegetables, veg sandwich, lettuce wrap, any veg with roti, any dal and roti, toast with eggs, etc.


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